Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings

The Best Buffalo Chicken Wing recipe you’ll ever try-slow smoked instead of fried!

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Ever since we bought a Big Green Egg back in September, the way that we cook has been all shook up. I find myself asking “can I put that on the Big Green Egg?” for almost everything we cook! It has truly transformed the way we eat! From brisket, hamburgers, pulled pork, salmon, even bacon wrapped dates-it has all been earth shattering delicious! These buffalo chicken wings I bring you today are  no exception. Buffalo wings are a definite favorite in our house, in fact they were one of the first recipes that I set out to perfect on the Big Green Egg. During the football season we went through countless recipes for smoked buffalo chicken wings and I can confidently say that this recipe is the best one we’ve tried.

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings | From:

These wings are outrageous-smoky, juicy, crispy, and mouth-watering perfection. The most important step for this recipe is dehydrating your wings in the fridge for three hours before you smoke them. This will prevent the wings from steaming when you cook them, thus creating a rubbery texture. We’re looking for crispy wings that rival those of the traditional fried buffalo wings.

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings | From:

Oh and did I already mention that these wings are a much healthier alternative to the deep fried versions?! One taste and you’ll never go back to that fried buffalo wing again. These smoked wings are so much more flavorful!

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings

The Best Buffalo Chicken Wing recipe-slow smoked instead of fried!


For the Wings:
12 - 18 Chicken Wings, wingtips removed, cut into wingettes and drumettes

For the Sauce:
4 tablespoons salted butter
1/2 to 1 cup hot sauce (or to taste)
1 dash black pepper
1 dash garlic powder


1. PLace a wire rack on top of a baking sheet. Rinse wings in cold water, pat dry and place wings on prepared baking sheet.

2. Place baking sheet in refrigerator, uncovered, for three hours to dehydrate. This is critical to the final texture of the chicken. This step will prevent the wings steaming when you cook them, which creates a rubbery texture. We’re wanting the crispy texture of fried hot wings.
Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings | From:

3. Set up the Big Green Egg (or smoker) for indirect cooking at 225 degrees. Place wings on the smoker for one hour.

4. Increase heat to 325 and let wings cook another 30 minutes, then flip and smoke for another 30 minutes or until temperature registers 165 degrees on an instant read thermomter. The key is to not pull the wings off until you get that nice crispy, charred outside. You can tell by touch.

5. While the wings are smoking, make hot sauce: In a small saucepan, over low heat, combine butter, hot sauce, black pepper, and garlic powder and bring to a simmer (do not let it boil!). Stir to combine and remove from heat.

6. Remove wings from smoker and toss immediately with sauce until evenly coated. Serve with blue cheese dressing and celery

 Source: Adapted from Vindulge Blog

Smoked Buffalo Chicken Wings | From:

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