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20 Homemade Halloween Sweet Treats

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These Halloween recipes will help you get into the spirit of the season with fun, colorful and delightfully spooky ways to decorate and make sweet treats. Kids can even get in on the decorating, too! You’ll find treats for mummies, witches, black cats, Jack-O-Lantern’s, zombies and vampires. There are plenty of fun treats like Halloween bark, graveyard S’mores, and candy corn inspired recipes, too.

You’ll have fun experimenting with these creative desserts that kids as well as adults will enjoy. Choose several of these spook-tacular recipes to make for your next Halloween party and be prepared for the compliments on your wizardry with desserts!

  1. Enjoy the candy corn in these bars have that have been transformed into a Halloween sweet treat. Complete with a graham cracker crust, they also contain peanut butter chips, coconut, and white chocolate. Magical!
    Candy Corn Magic Bars by Crazy For Crust
  2. Chocolate cookies baked with a popsicle stick get transformed into a mummy cookie pop with a little drizzle of white icing for the mummy “bandages.” Add some candy eyes and you have a host of adorable little mummy pops. Great for parties.
    Mummy Cookie Pops by Recipe Girl
  3. Oreo crumbs make the “dirt” on top of these fun Halloween treats that are garnished with gummy worms for a truly spooky yet delicious chocolate cupcake that kids will love.
    Dirt Cupcakes by Like Mother Like Daughter
  4. If you love the combo of chocolate and peanut butter, make this simple recipe for Halloween bark. Have fun swirling the peanut butter in the melted chocolate – so pretty! You could stop right there, but go ahead and add all the fun candy corn, candy pumpkins, pretzels and sprinkles on for a delicious and colorful sweet treat!
    Halloween Chocolate Peanut Butter Bark by See Vanessa Craft
  5. You’re just 3 ingredients away from making these simple and awesome trick or treat nuggets that look like bite-sized mummies. A quick dip in white chocolate and these little guys start to to take form. Adorable!
    Trick or Treat Mummy Nuggets by Easy Peasy Peasy
  6. Devil’s food cake mix is the appropriate thing to use to create these colorful and spooky tombstone cupcakes. Delicious buttercream frosting gets shaded green with a little food coloring, but you could also use orange or even purple to change it up. Top with Oreo cookies for the tombstone.
    Cookies And Cream Tombstone Cupcakes by Your Cup Of Cake
  7. Let the kids help decorate these colorful Halloween S’mores. Candy graveyard pieces are what make this a fun project for kids. They’re super easy to put together and then just let the kids do the rest!
    Halloween Graveyard S’mores by Coupon Clipping Cook
  8. Move over, Hello Kitty! These adorable black cats have taken over for Halloween. Create these cute kitties with chocolate cupcakes, chocolate sprinkles, yellow M & M’s and Tootsie rolls. So sweet!
    Black Cat Cupcakes by One Little Project
  9. Making witch hat cookies couldn’t be easier; you’re basically just assembling Oreo cookies, Hershey’s kisses, a little icing and candy melts. These are the perfect no-bake Halloween treat to make. Kids can get in on the assembly of them, too!
    Witch Hat Cookies by Princess Pinky Girl
  10. These peanut butter “eyeballs” are quite fun to make and even more delicious to eat. Red sparkle gel gives them a Halloween makeover that’s sure to be a hit at the party table.
    Peanut Butter Zombie Eyeballs by Inside Brucrew Life
  11. These look impressive but are simple to decorate! White piped icing circles decorated the top of chocolate cupcakes and then get shaped into a spider web design with a toothpick. Easy and pretty! Top with a bejeweled toy spider for a colorful effect!
    Halloween Spider Cupcakes by Tastes Better From Scratch
  12. These rice krispie treats get a chocolate makeover and a tombstone shape to make a quick and delicious Halloween graveyard item for your dessert table. Pipe RIP on the “tombstones” and you’re done!
    Tombstone Rice Krispie Treats by Your Cup Of Cake
  13. Frozen bananas dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with melted peanut butter make the cutest little mummy treats ever. Kids love them and so do adults!
    Halloween Mummy Popsicles by Well Plated
  14. These adorable little cupcakes use candy and cherry flavor “blood” to make little vampire bites in the icing. A quick project you can do to turn any cupcake into a Halloween treat.
    Vampire Bite Creepy Cute Cupcakes by Dream A Little Bigger
  15. Roll up three layers of cookie dough in yellow, orange and white colors, slice, and bake. Now you have a candy corn inspired cookie that kids and adults will devour! Perfect for Halloween parties.
    Candy Corn Swirl Cookies by The Simple Sweet Life
  16. This super colorful candy bark is as easy to make as melting some chocolate, crushing some cookies and and sprinkling a host of Halloween-inspired candy and ingredients on top. Let cool and break into pieces for the bark.
    Easy Cookie Candy Corn Bark by Love From The Oven
  17. These parfaits use a frozen cheesecake, a little food coloring, crushed Oreo cookies, chocolate syrup and some toy zombie hands. Build these in parfait cups for a spooky effect!
    Zombie Parfait by Simply Southern Mom
  18. Transform your cupcakes into bright orange Jack-0-Lanterns with this easy recipe. Green gummy candies and pretzels create the leaf and stem while black decorating icing is used to draw the eyes, nose and smile.
    Easy Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes by Mommy Musings
  19. Creep out your Halloween guests with these edible finger cookies. Almonds make up the fingernails and green cookie dough makes the fingers. Have fun rolling these into shape and decorating these cookies!
    Creepy With Finger Cookie by Simply So Good
  20. This big cookie dough “pizza” is decorated in candy corn colors of yellow, orange and white with a delicious cream cheese frosting. Makes a great visual dessert for your Halloween party. Kids will gobble this up.
    Candy Corn Halloween Dessert Pizza by A Side Of Sweet

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20 Homemade Halloween Sweet Treats

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